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CRYER genealogy in Bermondsey and Southwark

This page summarises in tree form what is known of the genealogy of our Cryer line, and it provides links to biographies of various individuals.

The family tree shows Neil's ancestry through his father with links to brief biographies for various individuals. The tree stops short of showing any living individuals with the exception of Neilhimself.

Everyone on the tree, with the exception of Neil and his father, was born in and around Bermondsey and Southwark which lie just south of the River Thames, opposite the Tower of London. At that time this was in the county of Surrey.

Additional genealogy information and photographs may be available to anyone who can prove a legitimate interest. If you have any information or photographs, please get in touch.

Individuals marked in blue on the following tree have their own pages. Click to go there.

Tree showing descendants of 
George Cryer (c1790 - 1842)
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