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Line of descent from Joseph EYLES (or Ayles) (c1730-?)

descendency chart from Joseph Eyles c1730
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Thomas Eyles (1771-1828)

The Thomas Eyles who was Neil's ancestor was almost certainly the Thomas Eyles who was buried on 18 May 1828 with his abode given as 'Napton, late of Hillmorton' (Hillmorton being where his children were born and baptised). Thomas's age at burial was given as 58 which suggests that he was born about 1770.

His most likely baptism is the Thomas Eyles baptised 20 May 1771 Frolesworth, Leicester to Joseph and Mary, as Frolesworth is quite close to Hillmorton.

Thomas was a bookkeeper, which we know from the death certificate of his wife. The baptismal records for his children were the first hint that she was a Lucy - which is the earliest use of the name that was to be passed down within the Eyles and Boult families - see the tree on the right - and then the Best family (with Freda Mary Best's sister). It is a pity that the only information we have on Lucy's origins comes from the 1841 census, which merely states that she was born outside the county of Warwick with no indication of where. So it looks as if we will never know more about her birth family or be able to confirm the probable existence of other holders of the Lucy name in her ancestral line.

There are records of Thomas and Lucy having had three children: Lucy EYLES born 15 and baptised 16 Sep 1798; William AYLES born 1803; and John EALES born 11 and baptised 12 Jan 1812. They are on the IGI under these spellings. The above information information comes courtesy of Neil Eyles. The births of Thomas's and Lucy's children are rather wide apart compared with the norms of the time, and probably some children died at or shortly after birth. This is born out by the haste in baptising those children of whom there is a birth and baptismal record. They were probably not expected to live.

According to Lucy's death certificate, she survived Thomas by twenty years. She died at High Street, Rugby on 7 July 1848. Other information on the certificate was her age of 77, that she was the widow of Thomas Eyles, bookkeeper, and that her death was of natural decay. This information gives her birth year as about 1771.

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William Eyles the elder (1803-1872)

"The Cosby line (which owes much to research by Neil Eyles)

The known Cosby line starts with Thomas Cosby who married Hannah Barker on 11 Oct 1769 at St Andrew, Rugby.

Their son Thomas was baptized on 9 Sep 1770 at Saint Andrew, Rugby. That Thomas Cosby almost certainly married married Sarah Green, daughter of John Green, on 7 Jan 1794 at Lutterworth, Leicester. [Note that the IGI gives Thomas as marrying a Sarah Budd at Ryton on Dunsmore, Warwick on 30 March 1797, but this was almost certainly a different Thomas and Sarah.]

Thomas and Sarah had the following children:

  • John Cosby was born at Rugby and baptised on 9 Sep 1794 at Saint Andrew, Rugby. He, like his sister Frances, married into the Eyles family - Lucy Eyles, daughter of Thomas Eyles - on 15 Aug 1821 at Hillmorton, Warwick.

  • Charles Cosby was baptised at the same church on 27 Jul 1796. He married Sarah Buckingham there on 10 Jan 1826.

  • Frances Cosby was baptised on 22 Apr 1798 at the same church. She married William Eyles I and is Neil's direct ancestor. Her story continues on the left with the Eyles family.

  • Sarah Cosby was baptized on 2 Mar 1800 at the same church.

  • Edward Cosby was baptised on 1 Mar 1809 at the same church. He married Susannah Wale on 28 Nov 1833 at Newbold On Avon, Warwick.

  • Martha Cosby was baptised on 12 Mar 1813 at the same church and she married John Salmon there on 10 May 1836.

William Eyles I was born on 9 July 1803 and and baptised a day later at Hillmorton, Warwickshire. He married Frances Cosby, on 16 March 1826 at Saint Andrew, Rugby, Warwick. See the panel on the right for information about her family.

William was a carpenter/ joiner and, since the earliest known record he lived in and around Rugby: at 7 Little Church Street, and later at 3 Lawford Road. Frances died in 1866 and he died a few years later in 1872. The couple had the following children:

The younger Eyles in Neil's ancestry have their own pages which can be reached by clicking their names on the chart.

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